Building Buyamba

An event on  Saturday, March 23, 2013!
Build Sandcastles in Malibu to Build a School in Uganda.
God Cares High School in Kampala Uganda is two floors away from being completed! Lack of funding has brought the building process to a halt and the students are being forced to sleep in the kitchen and the classrooms. It will cost $36,000 to finish the classrooms on a floor, so that is our goal! Your support and participation in Building Buyamba will help complete the school and drastically change the students’ lives.

Join us for a day of Sandcastle Building fun, delicious food and awesome prizes! Get your friends together and enter your team into the Sandcastle Building Competition for only $20 (includes t-shirt and lunch). Friends and family can support you by sponsoring your team online or by check. For every 2 sponsors you get to give the minimum of $5, you will be allowed a tool to help make your sandcastle better. Also, if your team raises $100 they will get 10 minutes of help from a professional sandcastle builder. The team that builds the best sandcastle will win tickets to Disneyland and the team that raises the most awareness (by getting the most sponsors) will win tickets to the Clippers and the Ducks. The professional sandcastle builder will judge the castles to determine the winner. Sign up in teams of 4-5 people, and build an amazing sandcastle to build a needed school in Kampala, Uganda.


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